911 Emergency

Facing a serious problem? Database down and business outage? Performance issues affecting badly your IT Services?

We have technical experts available 24h a day for emergencial support.


Any emergencial support is performed by an specialist certified with extensive experience on mission-critical real world environments.

Reach us our now!



Read in Portuguese:

Our Emergencial Services include:

• Tech Support to SR and Oracle Bugs identification

• Corrupted database, blocks of files recovery

• Database crash recovery and Diagnostics

• Disaster Recovery Procedures Support (Failover, Switchover, and others)

• Patching and Upgrading Support

• Root Cause Analysis and Resolution on Performance issues

• Emergencial configuration of services or Oracle products

Other? Reach us out and we’ll check you case!


In case direct action be needed, provide:

• Credentials and instructions for VPN Access

• Credentials and Instructions to ssh on Database Server

How does it work?

After your inicial contact, we’ll return in minutes requesting:

1) Formal acceptance of agreement of services to be provided by LOGICAIT. 

2) Deposit to be done via PicPay or PayPal, amount to be provided based on the request.

3) Informations for the initial technical contact (your DBA or equivalent, for issue understanding)


Once the above items get provided, our tech work will be initiated.