RMOUG Training Days 2020

On the last February we were in Denver/Colorado, with our DBA Matheus Boesing, sharing his tech expertise with the community through 2 lectures.

Matheus shared his experience with the over 400 participants on the event through the 2 lectures:

  • MOS Free Tools for Oracle DBAs
  • Tips & Tricks from 20K+ hours DBA oncall

Besides those, Matheus had also the opportunity to cover great session from other great speakers on the community, including:

  • An Autonomous Singularity Approaches: Force Multipliers For Overwhelmed DBAs – Jim Czuprynski
  • Bringing DevOps To Your Database Environment – Michael Haynes
  • Straight Talk On Oracle Licensing & Licensing Trends – Michael Corey and Donald Sullivan
  • SQL Tuning: Undocumented Secrets For Getting Accurate Cardinalities – Kaley Crum
  • Actions For An Impactful Presentation – Dan Norris (not a technical one, but very useful)
  • What’s Your Super-Power? Mine Is ML With Oracle Autonomous DB – Jim Czuprynski
  • SQL Data Caching For Performance & DB Offload – Douglas Hood
  • Tune Your SQL Without Hints Or Indexes – Kaley Crum
  • Using Kubernetes For DB Scalability & Availability – Douglas Hood
  • Working Effectively With JSON In The Oracle Database – Sean Stacey

We use this opportunity to thank the organization for the invite and great event organization. Surely it was a unique experience for all the local Oracle Community.